NUS Indicative Grade Profile (IGP)

nus igp

NUS IGP 2024

NUS Programmes10th Percentile Cut-Off3H2/1H1 (Rank Point)GPA (10th percentile) Programme Intake
Faculty of Law
School of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
College of Design & Engineering
Industrial Design*ABB/B78.753.5550
Landscape Architecture*CCC/B68.753.3652
School of Computing
Business AnalyticsAAA/A853.78326
Computer ScienceAAA/A853.84923
Information SecurityAAA/C82.53.8961
Information SystemsAAA/A853.77100
College of Design & Engineering and School of Computing
Computer EngineeringAAB/C803.85263
College of Humanities & Sciences
Data Science and EconomicsAAA/A85#95
Environmental StudiesAAA/B83.753.7140
Food Science and TechnologyAAA/A853.8650
Humanities and SciencesABB/B78.753.621,949
Pharmaceutical ScienceAAA/A85#72
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics*AAA/A85#37
NUS Business School
Business AdministrationAAA/B83.753.75652
Business Administration (Accountancy)AAA/C82.53.75169
Real EstateBBC/B73.753.57102

NUS IGP 2023

NUS Programmes10th Percentile Cut-Off3H2/1H1 (Rank Point)GPA (10th percentile) Programme Intake
Faculty of Law
Law*AAA/A853.82 244
School of Medicine
Medicine*AAA/A853.86 294
Nursing*CCD/B66.253.42 314
Faculty of Dentistry
Dentistry*AAA/A85# 80
College of Design & Engineering
Architecture*BBC/C72.53.56 140
EngineeringBCC/B71.253.56 1,167
Industrial Design*BBC/C72.53.62 44
Landscape Architecture*BCC/B71.253.38 32
School of Computing
Business AnalyticsAAA/A853.81 295
Computer ScienceAAA/A853.84 858
Information SecurityAAA/B83.753.8 46
Information SystemsAAA/B83.753.76 94
College of Design & Engineering and School of Computing
Computer EngineeringAAB/B81.253.88 182
College of Humanities & Sciences
Data Science and EconomicsAAA/B83.75# 89
Environmental StudiesAAB/C80# 27
Food Science and TechnologyAAA/A853.86 54
Humanities and SciencesABB/C77.53.67 1,971
Pharmaceutical ScienceAAA/A85# 63
Pharmacy^AAA/A853.86 154
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics*AAA/A85# 53
NUS Business School
Business AdministrationAAB/C803.68 725
Business Administration (Accountancy)AAB/B81.253.78 183
Real EstateBBC/B73.753.52 105

NUS IGP 2024 VS 2023

NUS Programmes10th Percentile Cut-Off 202410th Percentile Cut-Off 2023GPA (10th percentile) 2024GPA (10th percentile) 2023 Programme Intake 2024 Programme Intake 2023
Faculty of Law
Law*AAA/AAAA/A3.753.82 233 244
School of Medicine
Medicine*AAA/AAAA/A3.783.86 280 294
Nursing*CCD/BCCD/B3.283.42 346 314
Faculty of Dentistry
Dentistry*AAA/AAAA/A## 80 80
College of Design & Engineering
Architecture*CCC/BBBC/C3.543.56 135 140
EngineeringBBC/CBCC/B3.553.56 1,292 1,167
Industrial Design*ABB/BBBC/C3.553.62 50 44
Landscape Architecture*CCC/BBCC/B3.363.38 52 32
School of Computing
Business AnalyticsAAA/AAAA/A3.783.81 326 295
Computer ScienceAAA/AAAA/A3.843.84 923 858
Information SecurityAAA/CAAA/B3.893.8 61 46
Information SystemsAAA/AAAA/B3.773.76 100 94
College of Design & Engineering and School of Computing
Computer EngineeringAAB/CAAB/B3.853.88 263 182
College of Humanities & Sciences
Data Science and EconomicsAAA/AAAA/B## 95 89
Environmental StudiesAAA/BAAB/C3.71# 40 27
Food Science and TechnologyAAA/AAAA/A3.863.86 50 54
Humanities and SciencesABB/BABB/C3.623.67 1,949 1,971
Pharmaceutical ScienceAAA/AAAA/A## 72 63
Pharmacy^AAA/AAAA/A3.853.86 143 154
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics*AAA/AAAA/A## 37 53
NUS Business School
Business AdministrationAAA/BAAB/C3.753.68 652 725
Business Administration (Accountancy)AAA/CAAB/B3.753.78 169 183
Real EstateBBC/BBBC/B3.573.52 102 105

Welcome to this comprehensive guide crafted to aid you in navigating the intricacies of NUS (National University of Singapore) admissions. As you set forth on your academic journey, we recognize the fervor of aspiring scholars like yourself to delve into the core aspects that shape the admission process. This article stands as your beacon of clarity, shedding light on pivotal elements such as the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP), RP Cut-Off Points, and Polytechnic Grade Point Average (GPA) prerequisites. Through an exploration of these intricate details, our aim is to bestow upon you the knowledge necessary for making well-informed decisions as you embark on your journey towards NUS.

Important Notes: The grade profiles presented here correspond to the performance of A-Level applicants in their 3 Higher 2 (H2) subjects and 1 Higher 1 (H1) subjects. In order to compute the A-Level Rank Points, a Grade “C” is assumed for both General Paper (GP) and Project Work (PW), and you can use the provided RP calculator to calculate your A-Level rank point. It’s essential to be aware that certain specialized degree programmes in NUS might necessitate grades higher than “C” for General Paper (GP).

  • The degree programmes marked with an asterisk (*) are those where additional assessments such as interviews, selection tests, and portfolios are required.
  • Meeting the previous year’s grade/GPA scores of a degree programme does not guarantee admission to that degree programme for AY 2024/2025.
  • # No representative GPA is shown as the sample size is small

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Our purpose is to elucidate a pivotal instrument that can profoundly guide you in making knowledgeable academic decisions as you endeavor to secure a place at the esteemed National University of Singapore (NUS). This tool, known as the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP), serves as a compass guiding you toward courses that align with your academic achievements and aspirations.

The IGP encapsulates the historical admission data of previous cohorts, reflecting the minimum A-Level Rank Points [also known as A-Level Cut Off Point] or Polytechnic Grade Point Averages (GPAs) required for successful admission into various programs. This dynamic compilation of data provides you with insights into the competitive landscape of A-Level scores or GPA scores that are typically necessary to secure admission to your preferred field of study.

Imagine the IGP as a map, outlining the academic territories within NUS. As you navigate this map, you gain a clear understanding of the eligibility criteria for each course. This empowers you to make targeted decisions, ensuring your academic pursuits and course selections are closely aligned with your scores.

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Schools at NUS:

Let’s delve deeper into the distinguished schools that constitute the National University of Singapore (NUS), each a cornerstone of academic excellence and innovation:

1. Faculty of Law: This esteemed institution stands as a bastion of legal scholarship and advocacy. Within its hallowed halls, future legal minds are nurtured, equipped with a profound understanding of the law’s intricacies and its role in shaping societies and upholding justice.

2. School of Medicine: A beacon of medical education, this school cultivates the next generation of healthcare pioneers. Students are immersed in a dynamic curriculum that combines cutting-edge medical knowledge with compassionate patient care, preparing them to address the evolving healthcare landscape.

3. Faculty of Dentistry: With a commitment to oral health, this faculty stands as a paragon of dental education and research. Here, students acquire the expertise needed to ensure oral well-being and contribute to advancements in dental science.

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4. College of Design & Engineering: Innovation finds its home here, where aspiring engineers and designers converge to craft solutions for the modern world. The marriage of creativity and technical prowess is evident as students explore groundbreaking ideas and technologies.

5. School of Computing: At the forefront of the digital frontier, this school nurtures the tech leaders of tomorrow. From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, students here engage with transformative technologies that shape industries and societies.

6. College of Design & Engineering and School of Computing: This dynamic partnership synergizes design aesthetics and technological ingenuity. Engineers and computing experts emerge from this collaboration, ready to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions.

7. College of Humanities & Sciences: A melting pot of knowledge, this college offers a diverse array of disciplines spanning sciences, arts, and culture. Here, students delve into the intricacies of language, delve into the realms of scientific discovery, and explore the tapestry of human expression.

8. NUS Business School: Nurturing business leaders with a global perspective, this school instills a deep understanding of market dynamics, entrepreneurship, and management principles. Graduates emerge with a keen sense of business acumen, poised to navigate the complexities of today’s corporate world.

These schools, each with its unique identity and academic offerings, collectively contribute to the vibrant and multifaceted learning environment that defines NUS. Whether your passion lies in law, medicine, engineering, computing, humanities, or business, NUS stands as a platform to nurture your aspirations and foster your academic journey.

IGP from Other Universities in Singapore:

At, our dedicated team has undertaken extensive efforts to meticulously gather the latest Indicative Grade Profiles (IGP) from all six public universities in Singapore. If you’re keen on delving into the specific entry requirements for each university based on previous years’ data, we encourage you to explore the links provided below. Our carefully curated repository of university-specific IGP information is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices as you embark on your educational path. Take a moment to navigate through the links and uncover valuable insights into the admissions criteria of these esteemed institutions.

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Accurately calculate your Rank Point using this convenient RP calculator:

A Level Rank Point Calculator

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