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NTU IGP 2024 : (Nanyang Technological University)

NTU Programmes3H2/3H1 (10th Percentile) 2024Polytechnic GPA (10th Percentile) 2024
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Medicine* AAA/A#
College of Engineering
Renaissance Engineering* AAA/A#
Aerospace Engineering CCC/C3.69
Bioengineering BCC/D3.52
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering BCC/C3.47
Civil Engineering CCD/D3.43
Computer Engineering ABC/C3.6
Computer Science AAB/C3.72
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence AAA/C3.9
Electrical & Electronic Engineering CCD/C3.44
Engineering CCD/D#
Environmental Engineering BCC/D3.5
Information Engineering & Media BCC/D3.62
Maritime Studies BCC/D3.51
Materials Engineering CCC/C3.35
Mechanical Engineering CDD/C3.39
College of Science
Double Major Programmes* AAB/B3.76
Biological Sciences* AAB/D3.73
Chemistry & Biological Chemistry BBC/C3.52
Environmental Earth Systems Science* AAB/B#
Mathematical Sciences BCC/D3.53
Physics / Applied Physics CCD/C3.37
Nanyang Business School (College of Business)
Accountancy* BBC/C3.59
Business* BBC/B3.64
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
SOH Double Major Programmes* AAA/C3.51
SSS Double Major Programmes AAA/B#
Art, Design & Media*^ BBC/C3.41
Chinese* BCC/B3.41
Communication Studies* AAC/B3.7
Economics BBC/B3.63
Economics and Data Science AAA/C3.79
English* BBC/B3.35
History* BCC/C3.39
Linguistics & Multilingual Studies* ABC/C3.45
Philosophy* BBC/C3.43
Psychology AAC/C3.75
Public Policy & Global Affairs AAB/B3.62
Sociology BCC/B3.59
National Institute of Education
Arts (Education)* BBC/C#
Science (Education)* ABC/B#
Sport Science & Management* BCC/D3.43

NTU IGP 2023: (Nanyang Technological University)

NTU Programmes3H2/3H1 (10th Percentile)3H2/3H1 (Rank Point)Polytechnic GPA (10th Percentile)
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Medicine* AAA/ACC85#
College of Engineering
Renaissance Engineering* AAA/ACC85#
Aerospace Engineering AAC/BCC78.753.55
Bioengineering BBC/CCC72.53.57
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering BBC/CCC72.53.71
Civil Engineering CCD/DCC63.753.49
Computer Engineering AAC/CCC77.53.65
Computer Science AAA/CCC82.53.7
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence AAA/BCC83.753.9
Electrical & Electronic Engineering CCD/CCC653.44
Engineering CCC/CCC67.5#
Environmental Engineering BCC/DCC68.753.56
Information Engineering & Media BCC/BCC71.253.66
Maritime Studies BCC/DCC68.753.5
Materials Engineering BCC/CCC703.41
Mechanical Engineering CCD/DCC63.753.37
College of Science
Double Major Programmes* AAB/BCC81.253.78
Biological Sciences* AAB/CCC803.71
Chemistry & Biological Chemistry BBC/CCC72.53.57
Environmental Earth Systems Science* AAA/CCC82.5#
Mathematical Sciences BCC/BCC71.253.36
Physics / Applied Physics CCD/CCC65#
Nanyang Business School (College of Business)
Accountancy* BCC/BCC71.253.65
Business* BBC/BCC73.753.64
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
SOH Double Major Programmes* AAB/BCC81.253.55
SSS Double Major Programmes AAA/BCC83.753.76
Art, Design & Media*^ BCC/CCC703.38
Chinese* BCC/BCC71.253.42
Communication Studies* AAB/BCC81.253.71
Economics BBC/CCC72.53.57
Economics and Data Science AAB/BCC81.253.76
English* BBC/BCC73.753.34
History* BCC/CCC703.35
Linguistics & Multilingual Studies* ABC/CCC753.5
Philosophy* BBC/CCC72.53.5
Psychology AAC/BCC78.753.73
Public Policy & Global Affairs AAC/BCC78.753.6
Sociology BBC/CCC72.53.61
National Institute of Education
Arts (Education)* BCC/CCC70#
Science (Education)* AAC/BCC78.75#
Sport Science & Management* BCC/DCC68.753.54

NTU IGP 2023 VS 2024

NTU Programmes3H2/3H1 (10th Percentile) 20233H2/3H1 (10th Percentile) 2024Polytechnic GPA (10th Percentile) 2023Polytechnic GPA (10th Percentile) 2024
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Medicine* AAA/A AAA/A##
College of Engineering
Renaissance Engineering* AAA/A AAA/A##
Aerospace Engineering AAC/B CCC/C3.553.69
Bioengineering BBC/C BCC/D3.573.52
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering BBC/C BCC/C3.713.47
Civil Engineering CCD/D CCD/D3.493.43
Computer Engineering AAC/C ABC/C3.653.6
Computer Science AAA/C AAB/C3.73.72
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence AAA/B AAA/C3.93.9
Electrical & Electronic Engineering CCD/C CCD/C3.443.44
Engineering CCC/C CCD/D##
Environmental Engineering BCC/D BCC/D3.563.5
Information Engineering & Media BCC/B BCC/D3.663.62
Maritime Studies BCC/D BCC/D3.53.51
Materials Engineering BCC/C CCC/C3.413.35
Mechanical Engineering CCD/D CDD/C3.373.39
College of Science
Double Major Programmes* AAB/B AAB/B3.783.76
Biological Sciences* AAB/C AAB/D3.713.73
Chemistry & Biological Chemistry BBC/C BBC/C3.573.52
Environmental Earth Systems Science* AAA/C AAB/B##
Mathematical Sciences BCC/B BCC/D3.363.53
Physics / Applied Physics CCD/C CCD/C#3.37
Nanyang Business School (College of Business)
Accountancy* BCC/B BBC/C3.653.59
Business* BBC/B BBC/B3.643.64
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
SOH Double Major Programmes* AAB/B AAA/C3.553.51
SSS Double Major Programmes AAA/B AAA/B3.76#
Art, Design & Media*^ BCC/C BBC/C3.383.41
Chinese* BCC/B BCC/B3.423.41
Communication Studies* AAB/B AAC/B3.713.7
Economics BBC/C BBC/B3.573.63
Economics and Data Science AAB/B AAA/C3.763.79
English* BBC/B BBC/B3.343.35
History* BCC/C BCC/C3.353.39
Linguistics & Multilingual Studies* ABC/C ABC/C3.53.45
Philosophy* BBC/C BBC/C3.53.43
Psychology AAC/B AAC/C3.733.75
Public Policy & Global Affairs AAC/B AAB/B3.63.62
Sociology BBC/C BCC/B3.613.59
National Institute of Education
Arts (Education)* BCC/C BBC/C##
Science (Education)* AAC/B ABC/B##
Sport Science & Management* BCC/D BCC/D3.543.43

Welcome to this comprehensive guide designed to assist you in navigating the intricacies of NTU (Nanyang Technological University) admissions in Singapore. As you embark on your academic journey, we understand that aspiring scholars like yourself are eager to gain a deeper understanding of the key elements that shape the admission process. This article is here to provide clarity on crucial elements, including the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP), RP Cut-Off Points, and Polytechnic Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements. By exploring these details, we aim to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions as you journey towards NTU.

Notes: The grade profiles refer to the grades scored by ‘A’-level applicants in their 3 H2 and 3 H1 subjects. For the purpose of computing the A-Level Rank Points (to calculate your A-Level rank point, use this RP calculator), Grade “C” is assumed for both General Paper (GP) and Project Work (PW) in determining the grade profiles. Please note that certain programmes may require grades higher than “C” for GP.

# No representative GPA is shown as the sample size is small.

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In this article, we have endeavored to encompass all schools within NTU, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the diverse academic landscape that awaits you. From the cutting-edge advances in medical education offered by the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine to the innovative engineering solutions emerging from the College of Engineering, each school contributes uniquely to NTU’s vibrant academic community.

Delving further, the College of Science stands as a bastion of scientific exploration, fostering breakthroughs in fields ranging from biology to physics. Meanwhile, the Nanyang Business School, also known as the College of Business, hones business leaders of tomorrow with a curriculum rooted in both tradition and adaptation to contemporary markets.

For those inclined towards the realm of arts, culture, and social sciences, the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences offers a rich tapestry of academic disciplines. Here, you can explore the intricacies of language, philosophy, and societal dynamics, contributing to a holistic understanding of the world around us.

Moreover, the National Institute of Education stands as a pillar of educational excellence, equipping future educators with the skills and knowledge needed to shape the minds of generations to come. Its commitment to pedagogical innovation and research-driven teaching methods sets the stage for transformative educational experiences.

By delving into each school’s offerings, you’ll gain insight into the array of opportunities NTU provides, fostering an environment where diverse interests and passions can flourish. This expansive coverage is aimed at providing you with a well-rounded perspective as you chart your academic journey within the esteemed halls of NTU.

I. Unveiling the University Indicative Grade Profile (IGP) at NTU:

A. Embracing the Concept of Indicative Grade Profile (IGP):

At the core of NTU’s admission process lies the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP). Serving as a compass, the IGP offers insights into the academic standards required for successful enrollment. It offers a glimpse into the NTU Mathematical Science IGP, NTU Data Science and Artificial Intelligence IGP, NTU Double Degree IGP, NTU Double Major IGP, and NTU Computer Engineering / Science IGP. These profiles collectively define the framework within which your academic journey or path can unfold.

B. Variability Across Prominent NTU Programs:

NTU proudly hosts an array of distinguished programs, each a realm of its own with unique demands and aspirations. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that IGPs may vary significantly among programs, reflecting differing competitiveness and historical trends. Familiarizing yourself with the nuances of these variances equips you to make informed decisions that align with your academic goals.


Double Major Programmes in NTU:

Double Major Programmes offered by the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences include 12 programmes from School of Humanities (SOH), and 4 programmes from School of Social Sciences (SSS):

No. School of Humanities (SOH) Double Major Programmes No. School of Social Sciences (SSS) Double Major Programmes
1 Chinese and English 1 Economics and Media Analytics
2 Chinese and Linguistics & Multilingual Studies 2 Economics and Psychology
3 English Literature and Art History 3 Economics and Public Policy & Global Affairs
4 English and History 4 Psychology and Media Analytics
5 English and Philosophy
6 History and Chinese
7 History and Linguistics & Multilingual Studies
8 Linguistics & Multilingual Studies and English
9 Linguistics & Multilingual Studies and Philosophy
10 Philosophy and Chinese
11 Philosophy and History
12 Psychology and Linguistics & Multilingual Studies
soh and sss double major programmes NTU

SOH Double Major Programmes: AAB/B or 81.25 RP [A-Level] / 3.55 (GPA)[Polytechnic] (Data from 2023)
SSS Double Major Programmes: AAA/B or 83.75 RP [A-Level] / 3.76 (GPA)[Polytechnic] (Data from 2023)

Double Major Programmes offered by the College of Science (NTU):

No. Double Major Programmes offered by the College of Science
1 Biological Sciences and Psychology
2 Biomedical Sciences and BioBusiness
3 Environmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy and Global Affairs
4 Mathematical and Computer Sciences
5 Mathematical Sciences and Economics
6 Physics and Mathematical Sciences
college of science double major programmes NTU

College of Science Double Major Programmes: AAB/B or 81.25 RP [A-Level] / 3.78 (GPA)[Polytechnic] (Data from 2023)

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NTU PSP (Premier Scholars Programmes)

NTU Premier Scholars Programmes (PSP) are tailored for exceptional post-secondary students who exhibit remarkable co-curricular achievements, strong leadership attributes, and a fervent commitment to societal betterment. PSP, distinct from a traditional scholarship, opens avenues for you to consider both NTU-sponsored scholarships and those from external organizations.

If you’re an extraordinary student poised to unfold your potential through an education that transcends the normative undergraduate experience, while simultaneously equipping yourself for the dynamic challenges of the 21st-century workforce, you may find resonance with one of the NTU Premier Scholars Programmes.

The NTU Premier Scholars Programmes encompass:

No. NTU Premier Scholars Programme
1 University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP)
2 Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP)
3 CN Yang Scholars Programme (CNYSP)
4 NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP)

REP, a pivotal component of the NTU Premier Scholars Programmes, is a preeminent engineering pathway designed to cultivate students into tomorrow’s industry leaders. It beckons accomplished post-secondary students, revered for their co-curricular accomplishments, leadership acumen, and an earnest ardor to both engage in the programme and contribute to society.

Distinguished by its comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and fully immersive curriculum, REP seamlessly weaves together facets of engineering, science, business, technology management, and humanities. Beyond local learning, this unique program offers a transformative third year at a renowned partner university abroad, coupled with a professional attachment. Upon successful completion, students are conferred a dual degree: a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree (with specialization in a chosen engineering discipline) and a Master of Science in Technology Management, all within a span of 4.5 years.

college of engineering renaissance engineering requirement

Renaissance Engineering: AAA/A or 85 RP [A-Level] (Data from 2023)

II. NTU A-Level Cut-Off Points and Polytechnic GPA:

A. Decoding A Level Rank Point Cut-Off Points:

The provided table pertaint to the representative grade profiles corresponding to only the 10th percentiles of successful applicants admitted for the AY2023-24 intake, this serve as the Cut-Off Points (A-Level) for the programs. These profiles specifically apply to candidates holding Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’-Level qualifications, encompassing those who were admitted through the Aptitude-based Admissions framework as well. The grade profiles are formulated based on the grades attained by ‘A’-level applicants in their 3 Higher 2 (H2) subjects and 3 Higher 1 (H1) subject.

In this simulation, it is important to note that a Grade “C” is taken as the assumed score for both General Paper (GP) and Project Work (PW) when determining the overall rank points. However, it’s worth highlighting that certain programs might necessitate grades beyond “C” for General Paper (GP), indicating potential variations in requirements depending on the program of interest.

B. Decoding Polytechnic Grade Point Average (GPA)

In addition, we have meticulously gathered information concerning the Polytechnic Grade Point Averages (GPAs) aligning with the 10th percentile of Polytechnic Applicants who were successfully admitted to NTU’s programs for the academic year AY2023-24. These curated Polytechnic GPAs pertain exclusively to the 10th percentile range of accepted Polytechnic applicants as this may also can refer as the Polytechnic cut-off point for NTU admissions.

In conclusion, when considering the NTU A-Level Cut-Off Points and Polytechnic GPA criteria for admissions, please note that certain programs may require additional assessments such as interviews. It’s important to highlight that the grade profiles provided in the table are based on the assumption that a Grade “C” is assigned for General Paper (GP) and Project Work (PW) when calculating overall rank points. However, it’s worth mentioning that certain programs might necessitate grades higher than “C” for General Paper (GP), which could indicate potential variations in requirements depending on the program of interest.

For Polytechnic applicants, the gathered Polytechnic Grade Point Averages (GPAs) align with the 10th percentile range of successfully admitted students for the academic year AY2023-24. It is essential to recognize that these criteria and data provide insights into the competitive landscape of admissions to local universities, including NTU.

IGP from Other Universities in Singapore:

Our diligent team at AspirerTutor.com has meticulously compiled the most up-to-date Indicative Grade Profiles (IGP) from all six public universities in Singapore. For those eager to explore the specific entry requirements for each university based on past years’ data, we invite you to peruse the links provided below. Our comprehensive collection of university-specific IGP information is tailored to provide you with the insights necessary to make well-informed decisions on your academic journey. Feel free to navigate through the links and gain valuable insights into the admission processes of these esteemed institutions.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Please note that the information provided on this website may not always be accurate, complete, or up-to-date. The content presented here is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be considered the sole basis for making critical decisions. We strongly advise consulting primary and more authoritative sources of information to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness. Any reliance on the material on this website is undertaken at your own discretion and risk. AspirerTutor, the operator of this website, disclaim any responsibility for the consequences arising from such reliance.