SMU Indicative Grade Profile (IGP)

smu igp

SMU IGP -2023 vs 2024

Program10th Percentile Cut-Off 202410th Percentile Cut-Off 2023IGP GPA (10th Percentile Cut-Off) 2024IGP GPA (10th Percentile Cut-Off) 2023Number of Course Places 2024Number of Course Places 2023
Bachelor of AccountancyBBC/CBBC/C3.633.63272317
Bachelor of Business ManagementBBB/CBBB/B3.73.7960880
Bachelor of LawsAAA/AAAA/A##212175
Bachelor of Science (Economics)BBC/BBBC/B3.613.61199218
Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)BBB/CBBB/C3.713.71391389
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)AAB/AAAB/A3.813.8141154
Bachelor of Science (Computing & Law)ABB/AABB/A##2430
Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) WSDegBBB/CBBB/C3.713.713437
Bachelor of Social SciencesBBB/CBBB/C3.623.67277192
Deferred Declaration of DegreeABB/B-3.74-62-

SMU IGP – 2024

Program10th Percentile Cut-Off 2024IGP GPA (10th Percentile Cut-Off) 2024Number of Course Places 2024
Bachelor of AccountancyBBC/C3.63272
Bachelor of Business ManagementBBB/C3.7960
Bachelor of LawsAAA/A#212
Bachelor of Science (Economics)BBC/B3.61199
Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)BBB/C3.71391
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)AAB/A3.81141
Bachelor of Science (Computing & Law)ABB/A#24
Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) WSDegBBB/C3.7134
Bachelor of Social SciencesBBB/C3.62277
Deferred Declaration of DegreeABB/B3.7462

SMU IGP – 2023

SMU Programmes10th Percentile Cut-OffRank Point (10th Percentile Cut-Off)IGP GPA (10th Percentile Cut-Off)Number of Course Places
Bachelor of AccountancyBBC/C72.53.63317
Bachelor of Business ManagementBBB/B76.253.7880
Bachelor of LawsAAA/A85#175
Bachelor of Science (Economics)BBC/B73.753.61218
Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)BBB/C753.71389
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)AAB/A82.53.8154
Bachelor of Science (Computing & Law)ABB/A80#30
Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) WSDegBBB/C753.7137
Bachelor of Social SciencesBBB/C753.67192

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