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Student-Centric Programmes

Learning For Life

Learning for Life programmes will focus on real-life experimental learning to develop students' character and values. These niche areas could include outdoor adventure, sports, visual arts and theatre production - creating a vibrant community of learners who can reflect their own experience in the world through multiple mediums.

With the Learning for Life programmes you'll not only learn about arts but also apply it to real-life arts activities, example: Bukit View Secondary School's "Learning the Arts, Living the Values" programme that involves student's self-discovery and character-building through drama.

learning for life
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School NameZoneWebsiteLearning for Life ProgrammeName of the LLP
ADMIRALTY SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipNurturing Mindful Leaders through Community Outreach
AHMAD IBRAHIM SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationCharacter Development through Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE)
ANG MO KIO SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Performing ArtsIntegrated Arts Programme
ANGLO-CHINESE SCHOOL (BARKER ROAD)SOUTH & Outdoor EducationBuilding Character through Sports (Basketball, Rugby, Tennis and Water Polo) & Outdoor Education
ASSUMPTION ENGLISH SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipCommunity and Youth Leadership
BARTLEY SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth Leadershipi-LEAD @ Bartley (Leadership Experience and Development)
BEATTY SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipBeatty's Leaders for Life Programme
BEDOK SOUTH SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Outdoor EducationSHAPE @ BDS: A School of Healthy And Physically Educated Enthusiasts
BENDEMEER SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipDeveloping Student Leadership Through Service Learning
BOON LAY SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing ArtsMusic & Performing Arts
BOWEN SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipBowen ChANgemakers Programme
BROADRICK SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipConfidence And REsilience (CARE) though Aesthetics, Community and Youth Leadership
BUKIT BATOK SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipDeveloping Community Youth Leadership through VIA - Journey to Become RESPECTful Leaders
BUKIT MERAH SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Outdoor EducationCharacter Development & Leadership through Sports
BUKIT VIEW SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing ArtsLearning the Arts, Living the Values
CANBERRA SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipActive Holistic Health Advocates (AHHAs) Championing Efforts towards a Healthier Community
CHANGKAT CHANGI SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipService and Leadership through School to Nation
CHIJ ST. JOSEPH'S CONVENTNORTH & Youth LeadershipBuidling Critical and Creative Thinking through Future-Problem Solving
CHIJ ST. THERESA'S CONVENTSOUTH & Outdoor EducationDeveloping Self-directed, Confident and Resilient Leaders, Learners and Ladies through Sports
CHRIST CHURCH SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationDeveloping Social Emotional Learning Competencies through Outdoor Adventure Learning
CHUA CHU KANG SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipStudent Leadership
CHUNG CHENG HIGH SCHOOL (YISHUN)NORTH & Performing ArtsCultivating Values Through Aesthetics
CLEMENTI TOWN SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipLeadership Development through Uniformed Groups
COMPASSVALE SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipInspired North Stars Inspire Actions
DAMAI SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Outdoor EducationCharacter, Citizenship and Leadership Development through Water Sports
DEYI SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Performing ArtsNurturing Confident Communicators and Gracious Citizens through the Arts
DUNEARN SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipEvery Dunearnite a Community Youth Leader
EAST SPRING SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipEvery Student a Leader Through Service
EDGEFIELD SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationCharacter Education Through Sports (Anchored on Taekwondo)
EVERGREEN SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationStrengthening Resilience and Character through Leadership and Sports Education
FAJAR SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipRise to Lead
FUCHUN SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Performing ArtsValues Through Dance
FUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipValues in Action, Leadership through Service
GEYLANG METHODIST SCHOOL (SECONDARY)EAST & Youth LeadershipNurturing Confident and Compassionate Leaders via Values-in-Action
GREENDALE SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationCharacter Development through Outdoor and Adventure Education
GREENRIDGE SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing Arts / Visual Arts & DesignDeveloping Creative and Confident persons, impacting the community through the Arts
GUANGYANG SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Performing ArtsheARTbeat -- Art for Life
HAI SING CATHOLIC SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipDeveloping Leadership Competencies in Every HaiSian
HILLGROVE SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing ArtsNurturing Confident and Passionate Hillgrovians through the Arts
HOLY INNOCENTS' HIGH SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipGood Samaritan Programme
HOUGANG SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipGRC (Gratitude, Respect & Compassion) in Action, a Hougean way of life
HUA YI SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipCommunity and Youth Leadership in Hua Yi
JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipCultivating Community Champions through Youth Leadership
JURONG SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Outdoor EducationSporty at Heart, Sporting in Mind
JURONG WEST SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipDeveloping Character, Leadership and Citizenship
JURONGVILLE SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Outdoor EducationSports for Life - Character Education through Sports Exposure, Sports Empowerment and Sports Excellence
JUYING SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing ArtsPerforming Arts : ?iACE@Juying? (I Appreciate, I Create, I Exhibit at Juying)
KENT RIDGE SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Outdoor EducationEVOKE!@KR (Educational Values of Olympism at Kent Ridge) through Sports and Outdoor Education
KRANJI SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipNurturing a Leader in Every Kranjian through Community and Youth Leadership
LOYANG VIEW SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Outdoor EducationSports and Outdoor Education
MANJUSRI SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Performing ArtsLearning through the ARTS
MARSILING SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationValues and Character Building through Outdoor Curriculum (VALOUR)
MAYFLOWER SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Performing ArtsDeveloping a zest for life through aesthetics
MERIDIAN SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipCommunity and Youth Leadership
MONTFORT SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationStudent Leadership through Outdoor Adventure & Sports
NAN CHIAU HIGH SCHOOLNORTH & Performing ArtsEnhancing Expression, Creativity and Aesthetics Appreciation (ECAA) through the ARTS (Drama, Puppetry and Creative Lyrics Composition)
NAVAL BASE SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationCharacter Education through Sports Awareness, Commitment and Empowerment (SpACE)
NEW TOWN SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipDeveloping Confident & Compassionate Student Leaders to Lead, Serve & Excel
NORTH VISTA SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH Arts & DesignNurturing Creative Problem Solvers through the Arts & Design
NORTHBROOKS SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationNorthbrooks Outdoor Education: Adventure, Character, Environment (A.C.E.) Programme
NORTHLAND SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationGame for Life ? Developing Social Emotional Competencies through Sports and Physical Activities
ORCHID PARK SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipOPSS CORE Programme ? Orchid Park Secondary School Community OutReach Education Programme
OUTRAM SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Outdoor EducationSports for Life
PASIR RIS CREST SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Performing ArtsNurturing Crestian Leaders of Tomorrow through Music and the Performing Arts
PASIR RIS SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Performing ArtsLearning for Life Programme in Music and Performing Arts through SHINE@PRSS
PEI HWA SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipPRIDE of the Community: Developing Altruists
PEICAI SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipBecoming Persons for Others ? Leadership through and for the Community
PEIRCE SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipCommunity & Youth Leadership
PING YI SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipLeadership through CCE
PRESBYTERIAN HIGH SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipCommunity Youth Leadership
PUNGGOL SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipServing with values and good habits, developing the 21st century gentlemen/ ladies
QUEENSTOWN SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipCommunity & Youth Leadership
QUEENSWAY SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Outdoor EducationSports for Life & Outdoor Education Programme: Nurturing Responsible Citizens and Life-long Learners
REGENT SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipEmpowering every Regenite to be a Responsible and Confident Leader, Committed to Excellence
RIVERSIDE SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Performing Arts / Visual Arts & DesignArts for Life
SEMBAWANG SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipDeveloping Community Leaders through VIA and Outdoor Education
SENG KANG SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Outdoor EducationBuilding Character Through Physical Education & Sports
SERANGOON GARDEN SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipNurturing Confident and Compassionate Leaders through Uniformed Groups
SERANGOON SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipProject Ablaze: Harnessing Student Leadership in the Service of Community
SPRINGFIELD SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Youth LeadershipGEARing Springfielders for Success - Grounding in Values, Engaged to Learn and Lead, Aspiring to Serve, Ready to Soar
ST. ANDREW'S SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Outdoor EducationSaints Rugby for Life
ST. GABRIEL'S SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipDeveloping Life Skills through Uniformed Groups Experience
ST. HILDA'S SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Outdoor EducationDevelop the Whole Person through Sports and Outdoor Education
ST. PATRICK'S SCHOOLEAST & Performing ArtsMusic Development Programme
SWISS COTTAGE SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Youth LeadershipSwiss Thoughtful Leadership Programme
TAMPINES SECONDARY SCHOOLEAST & Performing Arts / Visual Arts & DesignCreative Expressions: Expressing creatively through visual and performing arts (Arts Education)
TANGLIN SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Performing Arts / Visual Arts & DesignS3 through the Arts@Tanglin Secondary School (TSS)
TECK WHYE SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Outdoor EducationSports and Sportsmanship Programme @ TWSS (Experience, Expose, Excel)
UNITY SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Outdoor EducationLead through Outdoor and Sporting Adventures
WEST SPRING SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Outdoor EducationFOCUS (Finding, Optimising, Communicating, Understanding Sports)
WESTWOOD SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing ArtsArts for Life (AfL)
WHITLEY SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipActive Citizenship for Social Change
WOODGROVE SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipLearners and Leaders for Life
WOODLANDS RING SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipStudent Leadership Development through Involvement in the Community Programme
WOODLANDS SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipActive Glocal Citizens Programme
YIO CHU KANG SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Performing ArtsGrowing Character Leadership through Arts, Media and Design
YISHUN SECONDARY SCHOOLNORTH & Youth LeadershipLeadership for Life
YUAN CHING SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Outdoor EducationgRowing Values through Sports and Outdoor Education
YUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing ArtsMELODY- Music Empowered Learners, Our Dynamic Yuhuans
YUSOF ISHAK SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Performing Arts / Visual Arts & DesignH2eArts in Tune Programme: History & Heritage through Arts & Music Programme
YUYING SECONDARY SCHOOLSOUTH & Youth LeadershipTotally Wholesome Engaged and Empowered TeenS (TWEETS)
ZHENGHUA SECONDARY SCHOOLWEST & Outdoor EducationOutdoor Education for Character & Leadership Development