Secondary 1 (S1) Posting 2023

s1 posting 2023 (secondary 1)

The PSLE score is still the number 1 (#1) factor in the posting process. So, it’s important to check the cut-off point table and see which schools match your child’s AL score range. You can visit this page ( to access the most recent PSLE indicative cut-off points (based on the PSLE 2022 results). It’s important to remember that student placements in secondary schools are determined based on the following criteria:

  1. Their PSLE results.
  2. The sequence of their school preferences.
  3. Availability of openings in the selected schools.

Preference will be given to students with better PSLE scores when filling vacancies at their chosen schools. In situations where two or more students have identical PSLE scores and are competing for the last available spots in a school, tie-breakers will come into play.

Last updated: 15/11/2023

s1 posting 2023


What is tie-breakers? And what if 2 students have the same PSLE AL score?

If there are 2 or more students with the same PSLE AL score vying for the last available places in a school, tie-breakers will be applied in the following sequence:
1. Citizenship status with priority given in the order of:
(i) Singapore Citizen
(ii) Permanent Resident
(iii) International Student
2. Order of school choice
3. Computerised balloting

Why is the sequence of school preferences affecting the selection process? (Order of School Choice)

For example, Monica and Amanda are vying for the last place in School A. They:
Have the same PSLE score.
Are both Singapore Citizens.
Monica listed School A as his first (1st) choice and Amanda listed it as her third (3rd).
In this case, Monica will be posted to School A as she had ranked School A higher than Amanda in her order of school preferences.

Therefore, I’d like to emphasize to parents the importance of carefully considering and thoroughly reviewing the AL cut-off point table. This will help you make an informed decision when choosing the order of school preferences for your child. (order of school choice)

Is it possible that my child will not be posted to the school despite choosing it as one of the school choices and meeting the school’s last year Cut-Off-Point?

Yes, it is possible. This happens when there are other students with the same PSLE scores vying for the last available places in the school.
If there are 2 or more students with the same PSLE score vying for the last places in the school, their posting will be determined according to the tie-breakers.

How does Higher Chinese Language (HCL) affect the selection process? Is it given any priority for admission to SAP schools?

Students who have achieved Distinction, Merit, or Pass in HCL and hold a PSLE score of ≤ 14 (14 points and below) will be granted a posting advantage when applying to SAP schools.
If multiple students with the same PSLE score apply for the same SAP school, those with better HCL grades will be allocated a place ahead of other students.
This applies before the tie-breakers.

What are the steps for submitting secondary school choices after receiving the PSLE results?

After receiving PSLE results, you and your child can shortlist the secondary schools, and submit the school choices to MOE within 7 calendar days after the release of PSLE results.
Here are the steps:
1. Your child will receive a personalised S1 Option Form and Eligibility Letter along with their PSLE results.
2. Discuss secondary school options with your child. The Posting Groups and schools available to your child will depend on their PSLE score.
3.Use the S1 Option Form to prepare the information required for the online submission.
4. List your child’s 6 secondary school choices in order of preference and submit through the S1 Internet System before the deadline.

How to login to S1-IS page?

login to s1 IS

STEP 1: Accessing the S1-IS Login Page

1.1 Go to and select the S1-IS link. This will take you to the S1-IS Login Page.
1.2 Provide the student’s BC Number or FIN along with the S1 PIN.
1.3 Click the button to access S1-IS. This will lead you to the S1 Eligibility(ies) Page.