NTU Tuition Fee – AY2023/2024

ntu tuition fee 2023


In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, the financial aspect of pursuing higher education has become an intricate puzzle for both families and students to piece together. This isn’t just a local predicament; it’s a global trend that Singapore, with its well-regarded education system, is also grappling with. As costs continue to climb, it’s crucial to shed light on the tuition fees linked to embarking on a degree journey at the esteemed Nanyang Technological University – NTU Singapore (NTU). This article endeavors to demystify the annual tuition fee structure for pursuing a degree at NTU. The provided information remains accurate up until the academic year 2023/2024.

Tuition Fees for Admitted NTU Programs in 2023 – Full-Time Programs

Fees payable by students in receipt of MOE Tuition Grant
Singapore CitizensSingapore Permanent ResidentsInternational StudentsFees payable by students NOT in receipt of MOE Tuition Grant
All Programmes (except for those listed below)8,25011,55017,80033,050
Accountancy & Business9,45013,25020,40039,750
Business & Computing9,45013,25020,40039,750
Business & Computer Engineering9,45013,25020,40039,750
Renaissance Engineering Programme17,95025,15038,750NA

What is Tuition Grant Scheme?

The Tuition Grant Scheme was established by the Government to assist students with the expenses of pursuing higher education in Singapore. The scheme is currently available for full-time diploma and undergraduate courses at Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), adhering to the existing policy guidelines. Singapore Citizens are automatically granted a Tuition Grant, eliminating the need for application, and they are not obligated to fulfill any bond requirements. Conversely, non-Singaporean students, including Singapore Permanent Residents, are eligible to apply for the Tuition Grant (subject to approval by the Ministry of Education) and are required to enter into a Tuition Grant Agreement. This agreement entails a contractual commitment to work at a Singapore-based entity for a duration of three (3) years following graduation, in exchange for the grant provided under the Tuition Grant Scheme.

Tuition Grant Scheme for International Students:

For international students who intend to apply for an MOE Tuition Grant Scheme, there is an opportunity to be granted a Tier C Tuition Grant if your application is approved. This grant comes with specific obligations in terms of a bond. Upon successful graduation, recipients of the Tier C Tuition Grant are required to fulfill a bond obligation by working full-time for a duration of 3 years with a valid work pass within a Singaporean entity. It is important to familiarize yourself with the permissible types of employment that fulfill this bond requirement. (Click on this link to learn more about the Tier C Tuition Grant for International Students.)

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