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ITE to Polytechnic

Commencing with the polytechnic intake of 2027, a significant enhancement is being introduced to the landscape of educational progression for ITE Higher Nitec students aspiring to transition to polytechnic institutions. This transformative change involves an elevation of the minimum entry requirements (MERs) for ITE Higher Nitec progressors who aspire to embark on their educational journey within the realm of polytechnics. The revised MERs will elevate the stipulated net Grade Point Average (GPA) from the existing threshold of 2.0 to a more elevated benchmark of 2.5. According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), this transformation is poised to equip students with enhanced readiness to navigate potential shifts within their polytechnic education, facilitating their adaptability to any forthcoming adjustments.

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With the intention of broadening the horizons for Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students, a strategic initiative has been unveiled. Commencing in 2027, students who attain a commendable Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher in their Higher National ITE Certificate (Nitec) examinations will be afforded a guaranteed pathway into polytechnic institutions.

The new changes:

Effective from the academic year 2027 polytechnic intake, guarantees polytechnic admission to all Higher Nitec students with a minimum raw GPA of 3.5
Effective from the AY2027 polytechnic intake, raises the minimum entry requirements for ITE upgraders to progress to polytechnics from a net GPA of 2.0 to a net GPA of 2.5 

OLD GPA = 2.0

GPA = 2.5 (New)

An intriguing facet of this elevation is the anticipation that the cohort of ITE progressors making their foray into polytechnic education will remain stable. It is an intriguing projection, underpinned by the realization that a substantial proportion of current Higher Nitec students, who are presently admitted into polytechnic institutions, have already demonstrated an impressive net GPA of 2.5 and beyond, according to MOE.

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Secondary School to ITE

In accordance with the removal of stream labels under the Full SBB transition, admission requirements for direct entry into Year 2 for all Higher Nitec courses will be set at G2 from AY2028.  

Effective from the AY2028 ITE intake, affects the admission requirements for direct entry to Year 2 of Higher Nitec

Students taking a combination of G3 and G2 subjects can apply for direct entry into Year 2 of Higher Nitec, as long as they obtain an ELMAB3 (English, Mathematics and best three subjects) aggregate score of 19 points or better. 

Direct entry into YEAR 2 of Higher Nitec

ELMAB3 <= 19 Points

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By embracing this strategic adjustment, we anticipate a harmonious equilibrium between academic standards and the number of ITE graduates transitioning to polytechnics, thereby maintaining a consistent trajectory. Based on MOE’s data, a consistent flow of approximately 4,000 ITE graduates are poised to qualify for and embark upon their academic odyssey within polytechnic institutions each year.