IB Schools Results 2023 – Singapore

top ib school in singapore 2023

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is renowned for its rigorous academic framework and its emphasis on students’ personal development. In Singapore, a city-state known for its high educational standards, the IB program has been embraced by a number of schools, offering students an education that is both challenging and holistic. This article explores the benefits of attending a top IB school in Singapore, the characteristics of these schools, and provides examples of the top IB schools in the region, including the School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA).

Benefits of Attending a Top IB School in Singapore

Singapore’s top IB schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum designed to challenge students and prepare them for success in higher education and beyond. These schools emphasize international mindedness, encouraging students to think globally and understand different cultures and perspectives. Holistic development is a key focus, with programs aimed at nurturing not only intellectual growth but also emotional and social skills. Graduates of top IB schools in Singapore often enjoy high acceptance rates to prestigious universities worldwide, thanks to the program’s reputation and the comprehensive education it provides.

Characteristics of a Top IB School in Singapore

Top IB schools in Singapore are distinguished by their experienced and qualified faculty, who play a crucial role in delivering the IB curriculum and supporting students through their studies. These schools place a strong emphasis on research and critical thinking skills, preparing students for the challenges of university-level studies and their future careers. Well-rounded extracurricular programs offer students opportunities to explore their interests, develop new skills, and engage with their communities. A supportive and diverse community is also a hallmark of these schools, reflecting the IB program’s commitment to international mindedness and collaboration.

Top 3 IB Schools in Singapore:

  1. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent): Located at 121 Dover Road, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) is the first local IB school in Singapore to offer the IBDP. It has consistently been among the top performers in the IBDP results globally, with an average IB Diploma Score for 2023 of 41.8.
  2. St. Joseph’s Institution: With its campus at 38 Malcolm Road, St. Joseph’s Institution offers a dual-track academic system and emphasizes the principles of Faith, Service, and Community. Its average IB Diploma Score for 2023 was 41.3, reflecting its commitment to excellence in holistic education.
  3. School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA): SOTA provides a unique environment where the arts are integrated with the rigors of the IB Diploma Programme. It is known for its creative and vibrant community, with an average IB Diploma Score for 2023 of 39.7. SOTA not only nurtures artistic talents but also academic excellence, making it a unique institution within Singapore’s educational landscape.
RankingAvg PointsSchool Names
141.80Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
241.30St Joseph's Institution
339.70School of the Arts Singapore
439.00St Joseph's Institution International
538.70Tanglin Trust School
638.60Hwa Chong International School
738.10NPS International School
836.80UWCSEA Dover Campus
936.80Dulwich College Singapore
1036.50UWCSEA East Campus

How to Choose the Right IB School in Singapore

When selecting an IB school in Singapore, consider factors such as the school’s academic performance, faculty qualifications, extracurricular offerings, and community atmosphere. Researching and visiting potential schools can provide valuable insights into how each school supports its students’ growth and development. It’s also important to consider how well the school’s values align with the student’s personal and educational goals.


Attending a top IB school in Singapore offers numerous benefits, from a challenging academic curriculum to opportunities for holistic development. These schools are characterized by their experienced faculty, emphasis on critical thinking, and supportive communities. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the IB program’s focus on international mindedness and academic excellence makes it an attractive option for students seeking a dynamic and engaging education. Students and families are encouraged to explore the IB program as a pathway to a fulfilling and successful educational journey.