How to Handle Student’s Stress

It’s a common problem when your child refuses to do homework, study, help around the house, or otherwise be uninterested in anything.

How do you usually handle situations like this? In this section, we offer four suggestions on how to improve the situation:

1: Attempt to comprehend the underlying cause.

You can only achieve some success if you force the children to do what you want to achieve. Today they may capitulate and open the book and start writing in it. But what about the next day? Will you have to go up against them again and again? No one enjoys being yelled at. Instead of pressuring them, ask them what they want. Finding out the cause is more beneficial in the long run. Are they fighting back because they know they can not?


2. Assists them to setup an achievable Goal!

Perhaps they want to pass their English, but are too discouraged by their poor results to do so? Or maybe they think nothing they do will help, so why bother? At this point, help them set realistic and achievable goals and find a way to reach them. Start slowly so they can gain confidence in their abilities. This is where they are constantly monitored and assessed on their progress. It also gives them the reassurance that you have their back and will be there for them every step of the way.

3. Get external & professional service

Sometimes all they need is a gentle nudge, a gentle reminder, or a few words of encouragement from you. In some cases, however, they may need more specialized support or care that is beyond your abilities. When professional help is sought, problems such as anxiety, depression and learning difficulties can be greatly alleviated. Additional tutoring after school can be beneficial if they need more time/examples/explanations than are provided in the curriculum.


4. Listening

Parenting is indeed difficult. It can take a lot of time, guesswork, positivity, and all of your skills. But it will also be extremely rewarding. This process of active listening and mutual understanding will not only allow you to take specific effective steps to help your child, but it will also strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Although the circumstance may be confusing, we hope that some of these ideas can provide some insight or motivation to overcome the obstacles. All the best!