Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Chinese Tuition in Singapore

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In the last decade, Chinese language has gained popularity in both local and global society. AspirerTutor, a tutoring company in Singapore, has noticed an increase in requests for Chinese tuition lessons in Singapore. This is due to two main factors:

    • The MOE Chinese curriculum has evolved over time, introducing more difficult vocabulary and exam formats.

    • Given China’s growing influence in the global economy, both parents and schools see the need to learn Chinese as a critical skill for students to have a competitive advantage over their peers in the future. Proficiency in Chinese opens up a wealth of career and educational alternatives.

Since language skills take time to develop, Singaporean parents have started enrolling their children in Chinese classes as young as 6 months old! According to a survey conducted by the Straits Times (with 500 participants), 34% of parents have sent their preschoolers to Chinese classes. In line with the notion of not falling behind in the early stages of the academic journey, parents do not want their children to “lose out” to their friends, so they rush to enroll their children in Chinese classes in Singapore as soon as possible. Another widespread trend is that young people find learning Chinese in Singapore difficult or monotonous, so it takes them longer to learn the language and as a result they need constant support. The most important reason is that many families in Singapore speak only English at home and consider Chinese as an alternative, so Chinese is rarely practiced at home. According to PM Lee, about 71 percent of Chinese households now speak English as their primary language, up from 42 percent two decades ago. Some parents told AspirerTutor that English will be a priority in their homes to ensure their children’s academic success, while others are taking steps to expose their children to Chinese at an earlier age. Experts also predicted that it will become more difficult for teachers to teach Chinese, as the family remains the best place for a child to learn the language.

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Problem facing by students learning Chinese Language

Identify the issues:

Students learning Chinese in Singapore face a number of problems. Through our observations and experiences, we have developed a better understanding of what students go through when learning the language. Therefore, our tutors have designed their curriculum in such a way that the main goal is to help students overcome these problems. With our Chinese home tutoring service, students can turn their weaknesses into strengths and do well on the exams. Below are some of the most common problems students face:

  • Difficulty recognizing Chinese words
  • Difficulty writing Chinese words, both in comprehension and writing.
  • Difficulty understanding to figure out what the question is asking about.
  • Difficulty answering the questions in complete sentences.
  • Inability to remember how to spell HanYuPinYin and ChenYu.
  • Difficulty pronouncing when speaking to someone on the phone or in person.
  • Difficulty paying attention to details in the video and expressing thoughts about the video during oral examination.
  • Inability to tell the difference between Chinese characters that look alike.
  • May have difficulty writing emails and essays well.
  • Difficulty remembering what he or she hears
  • Lack of general knowledge about topics that are important for essays
  • Inefficient use of time
  • Failure to complete the exam on time
  • “What alternative will give my child the least boring Chinese lessons?”
  • “Who can best help him in his Chinese subject?”
  • “My child dislike Chinese, who can help him?”
  • “What kind of Chinese language practice test should I give my child to give him the necessary exam skills?”

These are the typical questions parents ask when looking for the best Chinese lessons in Singapore. Parents are often torn between the decision to send their children to a Chinese center or to hire a home tutor who specializes in Chinese. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best Chinese tutoring centers in Singapore, so you can make a smart decision!

As concerned parents who want the best for their children, you may be wondering what the best Chinese tuition lessons in Singapore are for your child, depending on their abilities, weaknesses and learning pace. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best Chinese Tuitions Centres in Singapore, mainly offered by private tutors and specialized training institutes. These language schools and organizations have extensive experience in teaching Chinese as a single subject and as a major. When you hire a Chinese Language tutoring specialist, you can be sure that your child’s academic future in Chinese Language is in good hands.