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Ace Primary 5 Math in Singapore with Personalised Home Tuition

Let us guide your child beyond the numbers. This article provides an invaluable guide for parents seeking to boost their child’s understanding and confidence in Primary 5 mathematics in Singapore. Read on to discover why one-to-one home tuition can be a transformative investment for your child’s academic future.

Why Engage a Math Tutor in Singapore for P5 Students?

Securing a firm foundation in Primary 5 Math (P5 Maths) is a critical step in the academic journey of a primary school student in Singapore. At this stage, students encounter increasingly challenging math topics that require a deeper understanding and quicker assimilation of concepts. Engaging a competent math tutor can help your child master the rapidly expanding syllabus.

By offering personalized maths tuition in Singapore at your home, these private tutors provide a conducive learning environment where your child’s unique learning needs are put first. Let’s explore how one-to-one maths tutors can address the intricate learning needs of Primary 5 students in the following ways:

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What are the New Topics Introduced in Primary 5 Math Syllabus?

The transition from P4 to P5 can feel quite challenging for students due to the introduction of several new maths topics. These concepts include:

  • Ratio and proportion
  • Rate and speed
  • Percentage
  • Volume
  • Area of Triangle
  • Average

These new topics require students to apply skills learned in earlier grades, like multiplication and fractions, in more complex ways. A competent P5 tutor can guide your child to navigate these new topics smoothly.

Here’s the P5 Math syllabus summarized in a table for easy reference:

P5 Math: Numbers

Whole NumbersFractionsRateRatioPercentageDecimals
Notate & Represent Place Values Up to 10,000Add & Subtract Mixed NumbersExpress rate as the amount per unit of another quantityNotate Ratios Involving Whole NumbersRead & Interpret a Percentage of a WholeAdd and Subtract Decimals
Read and Write Numbers in Words Up to 1 MilMultiply Fraction by Whole NumberFind rate, total amount, or number of unitsWrite Equivalent RatiosConvert a Fraction to PercentageRound Off Decimals to the Nearest Whole Number, 1 Decimal or 2 Decimal Places
Apply Order of OperationsMultiply Proper fraction & Whole NumbersSolve problem sums with proportional reasoningDivide a Quantity in a Given RatioConvert Percentage to FractionMultiply Decimals up to 2-digit Whole Number
Divide by 10, 100, 1000 & their MultiplesKnow How Fraction & Division Are RelatedSimplify a RatioConvert Percentage to Decimal and Vice VersaDivide Decimals up to 2-digit Whole Number
Multiply with 10, 100, 1000 & their MultiplesDivide Whole Number by Whole NumberSolve P5 Problem Sums Involving RatioExpress Decimals as a Percentage and Vice VersaMultiply Decimals by 10, 100 1000 and their Multiples
Solve Problem Sums Involving 4 OperationsConvert Fractions to Decimals and Vice VersaFind Ratio of 2 or 3 Given QuantitiesConvert Percentage to Decimal and Vice VersaDivide Decimals by 10, 100 1000 and their Multiples
Multiply 2 Improper FractionsFind Discount, GST and Annual InterestConvert Measurements of Length, Mass & Volume
Solve Fraction Problem SumsFind a percentage part of a wholeSolve Problem Sums Involving 4 Operations

P5 Math: Measurement and Geometry

Area of TriangleVolumeAngles
Identify Base or Height of TriangleDraw the Top/Side/Front View of a SolidFind Unknown Angles using the Property “Angles on a Straight Line“
Know the Properties of an Isosceles TriangleFind Volume of a CuboidFind Unknown Angles using the Property “Angles at a Point“
Know the Properties of a Right-Angled TriangleFind Volume of a CubeFind Unknown Angles using the Property “Vertically Opposite Angles“
Know the Properties of an Equilateral TriangleFind Volume of Liquid in a Rectangular TankKnow that Sum of Angles of a Triangle
Relate Area of Triangle to its RectangleConvert 1 L to 1,000 cm^3Find Unknown Angles in a Triangle
Find Area of Triangle using the FormulaSolve Problem Sums Involving VolumeKnow the Properties of a Parallelogram
Solve Problems Involving Area of TriangleKnow the Properties of a Rhombus
Know the Properties of a Trapezium
Find Unknown Angles in a Special Quadrilateral
Identify Basic Shapes in a Composite Figure

P5 Math: Statistics

Find the Average, given Total Value & the Number of Data
Find the Total Value, given the Average & the Number of Data
Solve Problem Sums Involving Average

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Importance of Math Home Tuition in Primary 5 Math Topics

Home tuition for Primary 5 Math can help your child understand and apply the fundamental concepts better. Tutors focus on teaching your child the various mathematical concepts in a step-by-step manner, ensuring they understand every step.

One to one tutors can also enhancing students’ understanding of complex math problem sums, boosting their confidence, and helping them score better in their math examinations.

Why is Private Tuition Crucial for PSLE Math Preparation?

As your child steps into Primary 5, PSLE looms near, becoming an important focal point of the academic journey. A private math tutor can provide your child with personalised attention, especially for primary 5 students planning to excel in PSLE math. Your child can learn at their pace, getting extra help and time to clear their doubts.

What are the Advantage of Regular Tests on past years papers in Tuition? 

Primary 5 private tuition tutors typically provide test papers and past exam papers that students can work on, thus simulating exam-like conditions. By going through these papers regularly, your child can get an idea of what to expect in the eventual exams.

Why is Understanding Mathematical Concepts Emphasized?

Just knowing how to solve math problems isn’t enough; it’s equally important to understand the concepts behind them. In mathematics one-to-one tuition, tutors emphasize helping students understand fundamental concepts in the various topics, so they are prepared to tackle more complex problems in exams.

What is the Tuition Rates for Primary 5 Maths?

When considering tuition rates for Primary 5 Maths, offers a range of options to cater to various preferences and budgets. Our part-time tutors, often undergraduates, provide affordable sessions ranging from $25 to $35 per hour. For those seeking more experienced guidance, our full-time tutors, with substantial teaching backgrounds, offer rates from $35 to $45 per hour. For an even more sophisticated tuition experience, we provide the expertise of ex-MOE teachers, ensuring the highest quality of instruction, albeit at a higher cost ranging from $50 to $70 per hour. At, we believe in providing accessible and quality education, allowing you to choose the tuition option that best suits your child’s needs and your budget.

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Final Thoughts:

  • The transition from Primary 4 to Primary 5 can be quite challenging for students, making it essential to get the right academic support early on.
  • Engaging a competent math tutor can help your child understand the curriculum better, gain confidence, and excel in their studies.
  • Our tutors prioritize understanding concepts to solving problems, so they can tackle more complex problems in exams.

Set sail on your child’s math adventure with assurance. At, we’re committed to delivering exceptional Primary 5 Math home tutoring services, designed for PSLE excellence.

Sign up now to find the perfect p5 maths home tutor—no obligations, and rest easy knowing there are no agency fees for parents/students; our fees are solely covered by tutors, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

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