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Primary 2 Math Tuition: Overcoming Challenges for Academic Excellence

At, we’re fully aware that Primary 2 is a critical year for students as they begin to tackle more complex mathematical concepts. As a reputable tuition agency in Singapore, we offer a comprehensive guide to Primary 2 Math tuition (Home Tuition) that not only addresses challenges faced by Primary 2 students but also helps them overcome these math challenges effectively.

P2 Math Syllabus (Singapore)

Numbers To 1000Reading, writing, and understanding numbers up to 1000, place value, comparison, and ordering.
Addition Within 1000Adding 1-digit and 2-digit numbers to 3-digit numbers, with and without regrouping, and word problems.
Subtraction Within 1000Subtracting from 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping and word problems.
Multiplication & DivisionMultiplication and division facts, related facts, solving word problems, and problem-solving scenarios.
LengthMeasuring and comparing lengths in meters and centimeters and solving length-related word problems.
MassMeasuring mass in kilograms and grams, comparison, addition, subtraction, and word problems.
ModelsUsing models for addition, subtraction, and problem-solving involving quantity and relationships.
FractionsUnderstanding and working with fractions, including addition, subtraction, and word problems.
2D ShapesIdentifying and working with 2D shapes, patterns, and relationships.
3D ShapesIdentifying and working with 3D shapes and patterns involving solid shapes.
TimeReading and telling time, understanding a.m. and p.m., and solving time-related problems.
MoneyCounting and working with dollars and cents, writing money amounts, exchange, and solving money problems.
VolumeEstimating and comparing volumes, solving volume-related problems.
Picture GraphsMaking and interpreting picture graphs, solving word problems using data from graphs.
High-abilityTopics designed for high-ability students, including advanced math and problem-solving scenarios.

How Much Does Primary 2 Math Tuition Cost?

Type of TutorsPart-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorsEx/Current MOE Teachers
Rates (per hour)$25 – $35/hour$35 – $45/hour$50 – $70/hour
Note: Subject to change every year depending on market rates.

This table outlines the tuition rates for Primary 2 Math tuition in Singapore, categorized by the type of tutor, whether they are part-time tutors, full-time tutors, or ex/current MOE teachers. The rates are provided on a per-hour basis and are subject to change annually based on market conditions.

We believe in transparency and understand the budget concerns of parents. To help you make an informed decision, we provide estimated hourly rates based on tutor types, keeping our pricing process transparent from the outset.

Types of Primary 2 Math Tuition

At, we understand that each student has unique learning needs, and we offer a range of Primary 2 Math home tuition options to cater to those specific challenges:

  • Home Tutoring: Our core service involves matching experienced and qualified tutors with students, ensuring a personalized one-on-one learning experience. Home tutoring allows our tutors to focus on addressing the individual learning needs of each student effectively.
  • Online Math Tuition: Besides our home tutoring services, we also offer assistance in finding suitable online tuition options for P2 primary math. These online sessions are conduct by the tutors and offered flexible scheduling, catering to students who enjoy learning from the convenience of their homes. This choice is especially beneficial for those looking to address challenges such as staying focused and adapting to digital learning environments.


  • Tuition Centers: For students who thrive in a classroom environment, tuition centers are available as an alternative option. These centers offer structured group learning, fostering peer support and collaborative study sessions. We provide information about this option, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your child’s unique learning preferences. As a tuition agency, we aim to ensure that everyone can access quality tuition tailored to their needs.
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Benefits of Choosing for Primary 2 Math Home Tuition

  • Laser-Focused Learning: With our one-to-one tutors, your child receives personalized attention and a laser focus on their weaknesses. This approach allows for significant improvement in their weakest subjects while identifying and addressing their specific challenges effectively.
  • Qualified Expertise: Our tutors are highly qualified and trained in line with the latest MOE syllabus. They excel in showing students the correct mathematical models and approaches, helping them build a strong foundation in mathematics.
  • Convenient Home Learning: Enjoy the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home. A conducive environment fosters better learning, making it an ideal setting to address academic challenges.
  • Top School Resources: Our tutors guide students through top school math papers and past-year papers, demonstrating answers with models. This approach helps students learn effectively by following example answers and mastering the subject

Common Challenges Faced in Primary 2 Math

Primary 2 math students often face challenges in applying heuristics, a problem-solving technique commonly represented as a bar graph. These challenges may include:

  • Difficulty in Drawing Math Models: Some students struggle to create visual representations of mathematical problems, making it challenging to understand and solve them.
  • Lack of Understanding of Comparison Models: Understanding and effectively using comparison models can be a stumbling block for many students.
  • Limited Familiarity with Multiplication and Division: Some students may not be well-versed in multiplication and division, hindering their ability to apply these operations in problem-solving.
  • Inability to Create Multiplication Models: Difficulty in drawing multiplication models can hinder students from solving problems involving multiplication.
  • Inability to Create Division Models: Similar to multiplication, creating clear division models can be a challenge, affecting problem-solving.
  • Difficulty in Identifying Key Words in Math Questions: Recognizing and interpreting essential keywords in math questions can be problematic for some students.

Solutions to address these challenges include:

  • Using a Highlighter: To identify and emphasize key phrases in math questions, making them easier to work with.
  • Reading Questions Multiple Times: Encouraging students to read questions more than once to ensure a thorough understanding.
  • Marking Out Important Key Phrases: Encouraging students to underline or highlight important parts of the problem to maintain clarity.
  • Recalling Which Model to Use: Developing strategies to remember which math model is appropriate for specific problems.
  • Inability to Label Models Clearly: Some students may find it challenging to label their models adequately, which can lead to confusion in the problem-solving process.
  • Careless Mistakes Due to Poor Model: Insufficiently clear math models can result in careless errors when working through problems.
  • Failure to Substitute Values Back Into the Question: Students may forget to replace their solutions back into the original question to verify the accuracy of their answers.

By addressing these specific points and implementing solutions, students can enhance their problem-solving abilities and excel in primary 2 mathematics.

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How to Choose the Best Primary 2 Math Home Tutor

Matching Service: offers a personalized tutor-student matching service. We take into account specific requirements and challenges, such as location, budget, and learning style, to connect students with the ideal tutor.

Qualifications and Experience: We ensure that the tutors in our network are well-qualified and experienced in addressing the unique challenges that Primary 2 students face.

Trial Sessions: To evaluate compatibility and teaching methods, we encourage students to take advantage of trial sessions. This allows students and parents to make an informed decision when selecting a tutor.

Is Online Primary 2 Math Tuition a Good Option?

Overcoming Technology Challenges: recognizes the advantages of online learning. Online tuition is an excellent option to help students adapt to technology and overcome challenges associated with it.

Interactive Learning: Online sessions are highly interactive, providing an engaging learning environment. It’s an effective way to address challenges related to attention and engagement.

Effective Problem-Solving: Online platforms allow students to practice problem-solving skills effectively with the guidance of experienced tutors.

Convenience: Online math tuition offers the convenience of learning from home, reducing the challenge of travel and adhering to students’ schedules.

At, we believe that every student can overcome the challenges faced in Primary 2 Math. Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and quality tuition options that cater to the unique needs of each student.

We’re dedicated to helping students build a strong foundation in mathematics and tackle challenges with confidence. Your journey to mastering Primary 2 Math starts with Contact us today to find the ideal tutor and provide your child with the support they need to overcome challenges and excel in mathematics.

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